Brick Walls Restoration Begins 6/07/2021

“The brick walls of the formal gardens at Maudslay are more than 100 years old, and are showing their age, with disintegrating mortar, spalling bricks and even loose bricks falling out.  In particular, the wall between the upper Italian Garden and the lower Rose garden is not only losing its mortal, but is leaning badly. If this wall were lost, the design of the gardens, created by Martha Brookes Hutcheson in the early 1900s,  would be irretrievably harmed.  Fortunately, with supporting funding from the Friends of Maudslay, the Mass Department of Conservation and Recreation has allocated funds for an initial wall-restoration project, to be carried out this summer.  This part of the project will repair the wall between the upper Italian Garden and the lower Rose garden (see illustration below).  For safety reasons, the formal gardens will be closed during this restoration project, which is scheduled to begin on Monday June 7 and be completed in early August (approximately August 3), in time for enjoyment of the pink dinner-plate dahlias.  During the project, Park visitors will be guided to alternative paths in other parts of the Park.  We look forward, with you, to enjoying the garden and its restored structures later in the summer—for weddings, engagements, painting, photographing, running, strolling, dog walking, families enjoying the flowers with young children, and many other activities.  The Garden Committee has been busy planting and staking the dahlias, the lilies and the peonies, pruning the roses, and potting up the phlox, in hopes that the garden will be as beautiful as ever once it opens again.  See you in August!”