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FOM Reflection Pond and Dam Restoration 

Perhaps the biggest project that the Friends of Maudslay has tackled, the Pond Restoration Project will take several years to see to completion.  The area of the Reflection Pond and Three Arch Bridge effectively divides the Park between the formal gardens and the wilder sections of the Park.  This means that everyone who visits the Park has an opportunity to view the Pond and Bridge.

Formal Garden Walls Restoration
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The Stone House

The Stone House, circa 1917, was designed by William Rantoul in 1903 and used by the first Superintendent, O.C. Bailey, and then by his successor Charles Gattrel as office and storage space. This building is also know as the superintendent’s office and horticulturalist’s office. The Stone House is 600 square feet on the main floor with storage in the attic and cellar. There are plans to renovate this building including its roof, carpentry, masonry, windows, and doors. The building has been bat and flying squirrel proofed. Garden, interpretive, and theater programs are being considered as future uses for this building. The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and the Friends of Maudslay are partnering to restore this building and put it to good use for the benefit of the public.

Dedication Tree Planting

Dedication Tree Planting is a program that allows you to help with the ongoing tree replacement and enhancement projects at the Park. 


Dedicating a planting is an excellent way to permanently honor a person or event that is important in your life.  Choice of species and location is the decision of the park and must be historically accurate. ​

Contact the Park Manager at 978-465-7223 or e-mail to for more information.