MSPA Committees and Projects


Within the Maudslay State Park Association are a number of sub groups or committees that take care of the special activities of the Association.  The work of these committees is important to the health and success of the Park.  We invite you to read about and explore the work of these committees.  We are always looking for support, both financial and volunteering.

  Adopt An Acre Stewardship Program


The Adopt-An-Acre Stewardship Program welcomes you to sponsor an acre of Maudslay State Park. Sponsoring an acre at Maudslay is a great way to contribute directly to the improvement and preservation of the park. Many people find sponsoring an acre a great way to mark a special occasion or provide a gift in honor of or in memory of someone special.

Sponsoring an acre is $50 per acre, per year. Contributors to the Adopt-An-Acre Stewardship Program are entitled to a one-year membership in the Maudslay State Park Association. In addition, donor names will be showcased at the park’s visitor center and listed in Maudslay Views, a seasonal newsletter distributed by the Maudslay State Park Association.

Upon receipt of your donation you will be assigned an acre. We will do our best to respond to requests for specific acres. Annual renewals of this program will include the same acre. Please note that this sponsorship program does not require any maintenance of the acre on your part, nor does it allow any demarcation or signage on the site.

For more information and to participate in this program please review the Adopt-An-Acre Brochure and submit your completed application to MSPA, 74 Curzon Mill Rd., Newburyport, MA 01950.

Download an adopt an acre brochure 

  MSPA Garden Committee


The Maudslay State Park Garden Committee Is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of the historic Italian and Rose Gardens at Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Since 1999, this volunteer group has been working together with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation to preserve, maintain and rehabilitate Maudslay's remarkable gardens and designed landscape that were created in the early 1900s.

The Garden Committee is responsible for recreating and maintaining the formal gardens and architectural plantings in the park.  Volunteers are busy all year with the day to day work of weeding and cutting as well as researching the types of plants that would have been originally part of the gardens as well as obtaining and adding the plants to the gardens.

Visit the Garden Committee website for more information

  Dedication Tree Planting Program


Dedication Tree Planting is a program that allows you to help with the ongoing tree replacement and enhancement projects at the Park.  Dedicating a planting is an excellent way to permanently honor a person or event that is important in your life.  Choice of species and location is the decision of the park and must be historically accurate.  Contact the Park Manager at 978-465-7223 or e-mail to for more information.


  MSPA Equestrian Group


The MSPA Equestrian Group was organized in 2008 to support and monitor the horseback riding recreation use of the Park.  It offers local horse people information and guidance on trail availability, proper etiquette and conduct.  An annual event in the late fall raises money to support trail maintenance in the park.

The horseback riding and driving is a key component of Park usage.  Many of the trails and paths were originally designed as bridle paths to accommodate the prime method of transportation in the early 1900's.  It is still a popular place for equestrians of all ages and disciplines to come and ride or drive their horses unhindered by concerns about the dangers of motor vehicle traffic.

Read More About the EQUESTRIAN GROUP

  MSPA Pond & Bridge Restoration Project


Perhaps the biggest project that MSPA has tackled, the Pond Restoration Project will take several years to see to completion.  The area of the Reflection Pond and Three Arch Bridge effectively divides the Park between the formal gardens and the wilder sections of the Park.  This means that everyone who visits the Park has an opportunity to view the Pond and Bridge.  The necessary fund raising will be an enormous task