The History of the Maudslay State Park Association


The Maudslay State Park Association is a volunteer group devoted to restoring and maintaining park facilities in a time of tight state budgets.

OUR MISSION - To assist in the operation of Maudslay State Park and to serve as liaison between the nearby communities and the Department of Conservation and Recreation. To promote the wise use of the natural and historical resources of the Park, foster its use and enjoyment by the public consistent with the protection and preservation of its environment, and engage in such educational, scientific and civic activities as will assist the State in the formation and operation of the Park.

The Association is a 501(c)3 organization in the State of Massachusetts and all donations are tax deductible as allowable by law.

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  Our Officers and Board of Directors


Every organization is led by a committed group of officers and directors, backed by a caring membership. Meet our Officers and Directors.

    President - Marlys Edwards
    Vice President - Kim Hackett Ort
    Recording Secretary - Karen Reardon
    Membership Secretary - Jessica Colangelo
    Treasurer - Caroline Matterson


    Lindsay Cavanagh Stefanie Hufnagel
    Terry Berns Becky Listwon
    Jessica Colangelo Caroline Matterson
    Patricia Darmofal Kim Hackett Ort
    Marlys Edwards Nady Peters
    Kerry Guilmette Karen Reardon
    Don Hennigar Edward Speck
    Honorary Board Members - Retired  
    Natalea Brown Gertrude Jones
    Mona Spalding  

       Sandee Liversidge - Garden Committee
       Edward Speck - Theater in the Open
       Cynthia Costello - Maudslay Art Association
       Kim Hackett Ort - Equestrian Committee

  MSPA Meeting Dates


Meetings of the Association are held bi monthly on the fourth Thursday of the month unless otherwise noted.  The Association meets at the Park Headquarters Building, 74 Curzon Mill Rd., Newburyport, MA.  Meeting dates are posted on the right sidebar.

  MSPA Newsletters


The MSPA publishes periodic newsletters which can be accessed on the right sidebar. Updates about Park and Association projects, events and stories of interest will be spotlighted in the newsletters